Saintly Encounter in Yamunotri

On my way to Yamunotri in the Himalayas I stop at a small restaurant. Hired by the restaurant owner, a father with his wife and five children run the kitchen and service. I am the only guest. “What would you like to eat?” the father asks me in Hindi. I pick the most common dish “Rice, dal and roti”. He smiles. Not only with his mouth, but more so with his eyes. His eyes are sparkling. They express kindness and humility like I have not seen in others. I am deeply mesmerized. Mesmerized by the positivity and purity I feel radiating from him. “He must have high spiritual awareness” I ponder in my mind. I observe him and the surrounding in an attempt to get more insight. I observe how he cooks with full focus and the way he serves the meals. The meal size is humble but sufficient and more importantly cooked with care and love. It energizes my body and mind for the rest of the day. I observe how he neatly and lovingly arranges each utensil on the table. He even attempts to return the tip I left on the table! I see a hard-working honest family father, yet with an intriguing radiating loving energy. This chance encounter in the Himalayas reminds me of something we seem to easily forget in this current surge of spirituality. All things spiritual boil down to our relationships in day-to-day life. Being spiritual means to live a simple humble life dedicated to purpose and to attend to our daily tasks with full awareness and contentment, free from worldly as well as spiritual lures. Often the so-called common folks are the true inspiration and heroes.


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