Love is Free of Charge

Can love be bought or sold? God is love. Can we teach fear is an illusion if we are fearful of survival ourselves? God is faith. Who enabled our divine blessings of “healing” and “helping” others? God is Self. Can we give love or can we only be love? God is. 

“We should charge fees.” my friend is determined while we discuss that I do not wish to charge money for meditation, yoga or charity initiatives. By now I am used to discussions with friends and their determined belief that we should charge for spiritual knowledge, ‘healing’ and ‘help’ we share with others. “There should be an energy exchange. If I invest my time and energy, the student should give some kind of repayment. I need to pay my bills as well” my friend continues. I remain quiet for I respect her path. Yet internally I always strongly feel that something is not quite right about that concept. Our great sages gifted the ancient science of Yoga freely to mankind. What I received as a gift, I do not wish to sell as a product. The journey to the Self is sacred and invaluable. It does not have a price. To me spirituality is free. Always.

For spiritual and charitable activities alike I never feel there is an energy debt with either the giver nor receiver, with the teacher nor student. Doing good feels good, doesn’t it? Something expands inside us when we give food to a person in need. Something internally moves when we see a smile on the face of a child who feels warm running water on his skin that we enabled. Something lightens up inside us when we pass on knowledge to society and observe life-shifts in others. Do we acknowledge those inner shifts that happen in us when we give? Do we see what a favor the receiver and student does to us by accepting our sharing and gift? This much more subtle dimension we tend to ignore at times. The very moment we give, we receive as well. In fact the receiver does us a favor by accepting our gift and helps us on our spiritual journey. This is surely not the reason of my giving, but I attempt to be aware of it and give with a feeling of gratitude. As such there are no two separate roles of giver and receiver; both parties assume both roles in the process of connecting and exchanging with each other. The role of giver and receiver fully melt with each other. I see a natural equal exchange between men. Service and compassion are natural expressions of human beings. And what is natural should be lived fully and freely.


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