My Return until I make another Turn

Half a year of no social media and what joy it is! What led to it? A completely irrelevant image from Facebook newsfeed that popped into my mind while I meditated. It made me much more conscious of the endless stream of information into our internal system. And more importantly that truly every single thing we feed into our mind remains their subconsciously!

My mind, your mind, our one single mind….what a sensitive lion to play with. What a vigorous flower to admire. With each single Facebook post we create musical scores on our fully interwoven strings and send silent echoes to ourselves.

Long gone are my days of TV & co. What joy and pain alike to be face to face with my many superimpositions instead. What amusement to see my ego dance. What entertainment to see this daily comedy unfold. What puzzle to feel the diversity of emotions. What intrigue to decode the simple secret of life.

It was an opportunity to reflect from a stronger base of silence about my motivations of public announcements and a seeming self-celebration as well. I would say celebration as such is a positive thing, specially if it is for the Self. Yet I always reflect if it has a funny flavor of self-display and positioning as well. Yes it surely has. So what do I have to announce here on social media. People seem to like softness. So I could speak fluffy. Fluffy feels nice. Yet even truth that is spoken softly often first leads to insult, then opposition and finally acceptance. The choice is ours.
And my return. What led to it? A louder voice. The possibility to share my discoveries. Why? Because I learn from my sharing with you and maybe just maybe my learning may offer an impulse for others too. It is a very reluctant return….a return until I make another turn again….whenever the internal voice can not be overheard. And till then I shall cherish the treasures of you dear social media friends.

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