Sita Ram Sita Ram

An Aum sign on a tree as a seeming signpost leads us to an ancient cave in thick Himalayan forest on 3,400 meters altitude. We almost have to kneel down to make our way through the tiny cave entrance. It is very dark inside and once our eyes adjust to the darkness we recognize a Baba sitting in the corner. Heavy smog hangs in the air of the almost closed cave while He sits cross-legged infront of burning fire. Not much moved by our arrival, he looks at us and simply expresses “Sita Ram, Sita Ram” as his way of greeting. For a few moments we sit in silence. His eyes meet mine for a slightly prolonged time. While he tries to clean his ear with his finger, I observe his rasta hair and clothes look like they have not been washed for a long time. I now recognize another person sitting next to us with whom Baba continues his conversation, which seemed to have been interrupted by our sudden arrival: “There is no method to find God. The only method is not to fool and rob people and make sure you save people from getting fooled. Do good. Those who place a shine on their outer appareance, on their face, they are the ones who fool people. There are no miracles. Those who show you magic are here to fool others. The real Guru, who has understood, will keep himself microscopic. He will not reveal nor show himself to the World….that is enough for today children. Now return to the village.” We give our pranams, hear a repeated “Sita Ram, Sita Ram” blessing and crawl back out into daylight.

One thought on “Sita Ram Sita Ram

  1. Lovely and exactly what Amma (who saved me from the clutches of that fake Guru) says this too!

    If there is popularity, money, name and fame involved, run the other way…..then you might find God.

    If they take anything from you, your spiritual growth halts there and then.



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