Everything is!

“Did you notice that you always have a slightly negative outlook towards everything?” I say. “Yes. I do. And did you notice that you always paint everything under a happiness layer?” my friend replies. I smile about both of us fools while I go back in time when I enter the secretary office of an ashram with the request to join. “It is fine. You can join the lectures” Swami approves and so later that afternoon, way before lecture start, I sit down in the last row of the room. In these kind of ashrams it is a rarity to have lectures in English. Senior Swami Ji in his orange tidy Sanyasi clothes walks into the room precisely on time, says Hari Om and starts the lecture with the customary prayers. Sutra by Sutra is chanted first by him then the students, followed by a translation and explanation by him. As so often when I sit in Satsang one single message stayed in my mind and serves me as a reminder for today “By creating beautiful you are creating ugly. These are projections of our conditioned mind. They and things are what they are. By creating beautiful we create the opposite as well. If we create one, the second follows. Everything is.”

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