Hello. Are you lost?

“Hello. Are you lost?” he asks. I look to my right into a small dirt path of the forest and see an old almost naked man with only a small blue towel wrapped around his hips. He walks barefoot towards us. His dog, which is a few steps ahead, gives me a brief sniff and not much interested keeps walking. The old man stops infront of us. I smile and reply “Yes, we are happily lost.” “Sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb. You just looked left and right. So I thought you might be lost”. His hair is white and his physical stature strong and tall. “A few times I got so lost that I slept here and spend the night in the forest. It is easy to get lost here.” What follows are beautiful wise stories of him and his life. He speaks about ego, friends and as per his words beautiful enemies, marriage, children; in a very honest and wise way. He lives for the past 50 years in a simple home without electricity and together with his friends planted this entire forest we are standing in. But most of all when he conveys these stories, they are funny, very funny. First he cracks up in laughter about his own jokes and then we follow. His upper body slightly bends down in joy each time he gives a heartily laugh. “Who are you? Can we meet tomorrow again?” I think, but do not express. I remain quiet, in laughter and in fasciation of his presence. “It is late and getting dark. I don’t want to hold you.” “No no, we enjoy your company” I eagerly reply. Some more stories and laughter follow, until he bids us goodbye “I don’t have much left in my body. I am almost rusted. But you are young. So I wish you beautiful growth in your life. I wish you the light you are seeking. Realization….or….whatever.” He bursts out in one more laugh which is followed by ours and off he walks. While I partially want to say “Wait, I don’t even know your name.” I also know his name does not matter at all. I walk home, feeling incredibly light in my heart and wonder why on Earth did I ever worry in life? It is not about the knowledge he shared. It is about how he made me feel. By simply being himself. By being joyful himself he made others feel joyful as well….It is wonderful to get lost.

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