600km Walk from Turtuk to Manali – Part 1

Do you want to walk together to do the Char Dham? he asks while we sit in a tuktuk. “Yes” I reply immediately with a big smile. “Think about it for some time first. This will be no joke,” he continues. Yes he is right. Such a real and raw walk will be a very serious challenge; something that was on my mind for quite … Continue reading 600km Walk from Turtuk to Manali – Part 1

Saintly Encounter in Yamunotri

On my way to Yamunotri in the Himalayas I stop at a small restaurant. Hired by the restaurant owner, a father with his wife and five children run the kitchen and service. I am the only guest. “What would you like to eat?” the father asks me in Hindi. I pick the most common dish “Rice, dal and roti”. He smiles. Not only with his … Continue reading Saintly Encounter in Yamunotri

The Swami with the Rolex

“Your watch Swamiji”, my friend says. “The watch is waterproof” Swami casually replies while putting on his helmet to go wildwater rafting on Ganga River in the Himalayas. “It’s a Rolex watch,” my friend adds. I look at his watch. I have been exposed to a lot of luxury in previous years and am not much impressed by material things. In fact I wear my own … Continue reading The Swami with the Rolex

An aimless Journey in the Himalayas

Fascinating journeys unfold when we drop the need to plan and instead follow and have faith in the flow of life. It is only then when perfect alignment can manifest. The onset of my journey starts with a vague idea of its direction and then leads me to where I shall reach. So here is the latest adventure that very unexpectedly brought me to the … Continue reading An aimless Journey in the Himalayas

The fun Karma of Fundraising in India

I’m driving through the streets of Mumbai in one of the traditional yellow & black taxis. The windows are down in an attempt to catch a cool breeze. While the flow of air comes to an abrupt halt at each red traffic light, a flow of beggars streams in instead. My usual inner dialogue begins…to give or not to give? I clearly can’t give an … Continue reading The fun Karma of Fundraising in India