Unconditional Love does not equal Sex

An intriguing mind subject to study and a responsibility to raise awareness on: the sexual misuse of students by their spiritual teacher. I dived deep into the mind play of cult leaders and their tactics to manipulate followers for their sexual interest. A research that was provoked by the challenge to work myself through four years of personal experience with this as well as witnessing friends … Continue reading Unconditional Love does not equal Sex

Look into my Eyes and trust in Me

“If someone is supposed to propagate the Dharma and their behavior is harmful, it is our responsibility to criticize this with a good motivation. This is constructive criticism, and you do not need to feel uncomfortable doing it. In “The Twenty Verses on the Bodhisattvas’ Vows,” it says that there is no fault in whatever action you engage in with pure motivation. Buddhist teachers who … Continue reading Look into my Eyes and trust in Me

The Flip Flop Quest to Machu Picchu

“Seriously my life is not normal…not normal…not normal” I silently talk to myself while I walk through Cusco Airport in Peru and shake my head in disbelief. I could try to explain how I completely unexpectedly and miraculously ended up in Machu Picchu. But would you believe me if I tell you unicorns can fly? See, so I won’t even try. So basically a miracle … Continue reading The Flip Flop Quest to Machu Picchu

My Return until I make another Turn

Half a year of no social media and what joy it is! What led to it? A completely irrelevant image from Facebook newsfeed that popped into my mind while I meditated. It made me much more conscious of the endless stream of information into our internal system. And more importantly that truly every single thing we feed into our mind remains their subconsciously! My mind, … Continue reading My Return until I make another Turn

Love is Free of Charge

Can love be bought or sold? God is love. Can we teach fear is an illusion if we are fearful of survival ourselves? God is faith. Who enabled our divine blessings of “healing” and “helping” others? God is Self. Can we give love or can we only be love? God is.  “We should charge fees.” my friend is determined while we discuss that I do not wish to charge money for meditation, yoga or … Continue reading Love is Free of Charge